Dr. Struhs has been providing adolescent orthodontic care to patients in Parker and Castle Rock, CO for over 15 years. Our experienced orthodontic team wants to help patients of all ages feel confident in their smiles, especially kids and adolescents.  

Does My Teenager Need Orthodontic Treatment? 

Getting braces almost feels like a right of passage for teenagers but, the truth is, the adolescent phase is a great time to work on getting teeth and jaws aligned. At this age, you’ve lost all of your baby teeth. This means it’s time to start correcting adult teeth into a gorgeous, straight smile! Plus, fixing any issues with bite patterns and misaligned jawbones. 

While pediatric orthodontics is crucial to identifying and curbing problems at an early age, not every patient is lucky enough to visit an orthodontist when they’re that young. It’s best to at least seek treatment when children are adolescents, as issues with bad bites, jaw misalignment, and crooked teeth can become more difficult to fix the older you get. 

Braces for Teenagers 

The most common orthodontic treatment adolescents need is braces. We offer a few different options to choose from based on their comfort levels, including: 

  • Metal braces – while these are the traditional kind of braces and the least discreet option, metal braces do a great job at straightening teeth. Plus, they get to choose the colors of the bands that wrap around each metal piece!
  • Ceramic (clear) braces – while they’re less apparent than metal braces, ceramic braces aren’t completely invisible. They’re made from transparent ceramic so they’re not as noticeable when you smile. Most patients also find these a bit more comfortable than metal braces. 
  • Clear aligners – quite possibly one of the best options for teens that are self-conscious about getting metal braces, clear aligners like SureSmile and Invisalign® Teen are a great alternative! We use a special computer modeling system to create customized clear aligners that slowly straighten teeth, all while being completely invisible and removable. 

What is the Age Limit for Orthodontic Treatment? 

There is technically no age limit for orthodontic treatment: patients of any age can attain a healthy, gorgeous smile! We offer pediatric orthodontics to identify and mitigate orthodontic issues in children as young as age seven. 

We also provide adult orthodontics to help you achieve a beautiful, straight smile at any age! While it’s best to seek orthodontic treatment at an early age due to the way your jaw and teeth form, you’re never too old to straighten your teeth. 

Benefits of Adolescent Orthodontics 

Whether you’re interested in improving the aesthetics of your smile with braces or need help correcting a misaligned jaw, there are many benefits to adolescent orthodontic treatment, including: 

  • Improved smile and facial symmetry 
  • Maintaining tooth health 
  • Minimizing the threat of protruding teeth 
  • Shorter treatment times 
  • Less potential for tooth extraction 

Adolescent Orthodontic Care in Parker & Castle Rock, CO

Dr. Ted Struhs and his team are pleased to offer customized orthodontic treatment for adolescents at both of our offices, which are located in Castle Rock, CO and Parker, CO.

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