Introducing Invisalign Teen®

How Does Invisalign Teen® Work?

The Invisalign Teen® system consists of clear plastic trays that fit directly over teeth to straighten them. No metal brackets. No wires. The virtually invisible trays can be easily removed, so they can take the aligners out when they eat, drink, brush, and floss. With Invisalign Teen® aligners, it is easy for teens to continue with their normal activities, like playing sports and musical instruments.

During your Invisalign® treatment, we will meet with you and your teen periodically to evaluate their smile’s progress and to give them new, modified trays to keep their orthodontic treatment on track. Our orthodontist can use Invisalign Teen® treatment as a way to help our teen patients discreetly achieve the straight smiles they want.

Why Choose Invisalign Teen® Over Traditional Braces?

Metal braces may interfere with a teen’s active lifestyle. School, dating, sports, playing musical instruments, and hanging out with friends are important parts of life—and braces could get in the way of reaching meaningful goals. Invisalign Teen® treatment utilizes the innovative technology of Invisalign® clear aligners to help our teen patients reach the goals they have for their smile in a discreet, comfortable way. We feel that orthodontic treatment doesn’t have to interfere with this exciting and important time in their lives.

We understand how important a good-looking smile is to our adolescent patients. Give us a call today at 303-841-2262 to schedule a FREE consultation!

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