Orthodontic Treatment in Parker & Castle Rock, CO

With over 15 years of professional experience, Dr. Struhs uses his expertise to provide the best orthodontic treatment for his Parker and Castle Rock, CO patients.

Dr. Struh's work has left lasting results that promote long-term health and happiness to thousands in the area. No matter your age or need, we will ensure you get the beautiful smile you deserve!

Adolescent Orthodontic Care

Too many parents think their child is too young to see an orthodontist. In reality, childhood is the perfect time to get ahead of orthodontic issues! Because their mouths are still malleable, early detection of issues can make the treatment process quicker and more effective. Plus, it prevents more expensive work later in their lives.

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Adult Orthodontics

Adult orthodontic treatment is for more than just aesthetics. Misaligned teeth can lead to not being able to chew properly and serious health issues. We offer several options for adults to straighten their teeth discreetly. There’s no age limit to a happier, healthier smile!

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We offer a variety of teeth straightening solutions to fit your lifestyle. Our office provides both traditional metal braces and ceramic braces. Traditional metal braces are a tried and true method. But, if you want a slightly more inconspicuous treatment option, we have ceramic braces that blend into your teeth. With ceramic braces, the only noticeable part is the wire that aligns the teeth.

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Oral Hygiene

Improper oral hygiene can cause a lot of pain and cost a lot of money, especially during orthodontic treatment. To help you maintain your oral hygiene, we’ve created oral hygiene guidelines. We want your dream smile to be as obtainable as possible, so we’re here to help every step of the way!

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Orthodontic Emergencies

Orthodontic emergencies can be anything from minor appliance damage to major issues. Loose or damaged appliances can pose health risks and ultimately won’t do what they are intended to. It’s important to schedule an appointment and fix these issues immediately. Learn more about what is (and isn’t) an orthodontic emergency here. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you may be experiencing one!

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Orthognathic Surgery

Also called jaw surgery, orthognathic surgery is often required as a last resort when traditional, non-invasive, options aren’t viable. This surgery can be life-changing for the better and is a common fix for major jaw misalignment as a result of an accident or birth defect. Its purpose is to relieve pain caused by TMJ, make it easier to swallow, breathe, and more.

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Pediatric Orthodontics

While not all children will need orthodontic treatment, we recommend bringing them in for an evaluation around age seven. This is also the age recommended by the American Dental Association. This may seem too young, but it’s vital for proper mouth and face development. Also, catching potential issues will save you money by negating the need for more expensive work later in life.

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Retainers & Appliances

Our retainers and appliances can help your alignment process go quicker, be more effective, and keep your teeth straight after it’s over. Whether you need to align your jaw, more space to straighten your teeth, or keep them straight for years to come, 20 Mile Orthodontics has you covered.

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