Posted on March 9, 2022

What is a Water Flosser?

Water flossers have become popular in the last few years, but what exactly are they and why should you consider using one?

Many people are skeptical about water flossers because they are relatively new mass-market products that can get expensive.

Our orthodontist, Dr. Struhs, is here to clear up some confusion around water flossers and answer some questions you may have about them.

What is a Water Flosser?

Like traditional dental floss, the purpose of a water flosser is to remove bacteria and food particles from your gum line and between your teeth.

Water flossers do this by spraying water between your teeth to remove any food that’s built up.

Can I Use A Water Flosser Instead of Traditional Floss?

While water flossers may not be ready to replace toothbrushes, they can be a good alternative to traditional flossing. Some people debate their efficacy, but this study found water flossers may work better than regular floss.

Waterpik, which is probably the most well-known water flosser brand, has been given the American Dental Association (ADA) seal of acceptance. This means it’s proven to be safe and effective at keeping gum disease away.

Even if you have doubts, you can still benefit from having a water flosser. They do a great job removing plaque below the gum line that you can’t get with traditional floss.

We recommend water flossers to a lot of our patients, especially ones with braces. Flossing with braces isn’t easy, and a water flosser is capable of cleaning out hard-to-reach areas.

How Does A Water Flosser Work?

Water flossers work by spraying a thin, pulsating stream of pressurized water. This water removes most of the plaque from between your teeth and your gum line.

First thing’s first, read the instructions! There are many brands and designs of water flossers, and they all have their own requirements.

After reading the instructions, you need to fill the reservoir with lukewarm water. Depending on which type you have, you will then plug it in or put batteries in it. After that, it’s ready to use.

Who Can Benefit From A Water Flosser?

Everyone can benefit from getting a water flosser. Although, some people can benefit more than others, such as:

  • Those With Arthritis – Those who suffer from arthritis in their hands know how difficult using conventional floss can be. Water flossers are the perfect size to be easily held and used.
  • Those With Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Fine, repetitive movements, like what is involved in flossing, can be tough for people with carpal tunnel syndrome. Water flossers eliminate this movement and allow for pain-free teeth cleaning.
  • Those With Gingivitis – Because water flossers can irrigate below the gum line all around the teeth, people with gingivitis can keep their teeth and gums much cleaner.
  • Those With Braces – Water flossers are perfect for anyone with braces. If you have braces, you have undoubtedly found food in them. The water pressure water flossers provide easily removes food particles from braces.

How Long Does Water Flossing Take?

The time it takes to water floss is similar to regular flossing – about two minutes.

At first, it might take a little longer while you get the hang of it, but you will be a pro in no time.

How Much Do Water Flossers Cost?

Depending on the model you get, water flossers can cost between $20 and $150. Do your research by watching videos and reading reviews to see which one is best for you. Dr. Struhs has these available in the office and can offer you personal recommendations.

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