Posted on August 20, 2019

Is your child heading back to school for the first time after getting braces? You’re going to want to add a few more items to your back-to-school shopping list.

Our experienced orthodontist, Dr. Struhs, is here to let you know what his back-to-school essentials are for braces.

Why Does My Child Need a Back to School Kit for Their Braces?

The 20 Mile Orthodontics team wants to make sure your children maintain a healthy smile. One huge part of that is proper oral care, especially when they have braces.

If they don’t properly take care of their teeth and braces throughout the day, bacteria can build up easily. When bacteria grows on your teeth while you have braces, you can develop spots on your teeth that last for months. These spots are tooth decay caused by bacteria.

To prevent these spots, you will need a diligent oral hygiene routine — even at school. Doing so will restrict the number of bacteria that can build up, making their nightly routine less overwhelming. It all starts with knowing what orthodontic tools you should bring to school.

The Best Orthodontic Tools to Bring to School

We have compiled a checklist of things you should always keep at school to maintain a healthy mouth.


When you floss and brush your teeth, bacteria can return in as little as four hours. Being able to brush your teeth and braces at school will help eliminate the bacteria that grows throughout the day.


Toothpaste is a given, but it’s worth putting on your checklist because what good is bringing a toothbrush if you don’t have toothpaste?


A toothbrush often can’t get the food trapped between your teeth. Because of this, you’ll need to bring floss as food particles increase the rate at which plaque-causing bacteria multiply.

Flossing Threads

Flossing threads are necessary to be able to floss underneath your braces. It might be possible to get dental floss between braces towards the front of the mouth without flossing threads, but they’re important if you want a thorough clean.

The ability to rid food and plaque from the gum line is invaluable. When plaque accumulates in and around the gums, periodontal disease and cavities develop.

Dental Wax

Dental wax isn’t entirely necessary, but it will make your time at school a lot more comfortable. Dental wax can be used to cover up wires poking out, brackets irritating the inside of the mouth, or any other discomfort caused by traditional metal braces.

Even if you are already adjusted to your braces, you might have a day where you need it, so it’s good practice to keep some handy.


Dry mouth and lips are common when you have braces. The dryness will generally get better as your mouth becomes adjusted to the braces. In the meantime, having chapstick will make the school day a lot more tolerable.

Extra Rubber Bands

Not everyone with braces has to use rubber bands. If your child requires rubber bands as part of their orthodontic treatment, they should always have extras.

Throughout the course of the day, the rubber bands lose their elasticity and may even break. For these reasons, you’ll need to have several replacements.

Not using rubber bands as instructed by your orthodontist will result in a longer treatment time.

Rubber Band Placer

This tool is necessary when it comes to attaching new rubber bands to your braces. They make rubber band application a breeze.

Interdental Brushes

This is a small brushing tool that helps get food out when it’s stuck between braces. It can be a lifesaver, and is a bit easier to use than dental floss and threads.

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