Posted on February 17, 2022

The Benefits of Getting Braces at a Young Age

Did you know that getting your child braces at a young age can save you time and money in the coming years? They will thank you for getting it over with and helping them achieve a smile they want to show off.

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Here’s why it’s best for children to get braces at a young age instead of waiting until they’re older.

Benefits of Getting Braces at a Young Age

While braces don’t have an age limit, it’s best for children to get braces as soon as possible if they have issues with crooked teeth or jaw misalignment. Here’s why.

It’s Faster &; Easier for Teeth to Straighten

Up until the age of about 18, our mouths are very malleable. After that, our bones become much more rigid. Because of this, adult orthodontics almost always takes longer than adolescent orthodontics.

Getting braces at a young age effectively prevents future dental issues. It can save you from costly orthodontic treatment as an adult, where it’s more difficult and expensive to correct issues. It can also prevent permanent damage to your teeth and gums as you grow.

Promotes Healthy Facial Development

Getting braces at a young age takes advantage of the growth potential present in young teens as they grow into adulthood. Braces and other appliances, like the Herbst, can balance jaw growth and promote healthy facial development. A crooked jaw can lead to asymmetrical facial development, so correcting these issues early can even change the shape of a child’s face.

Healthy facial profile development also helps with breathing problems such as sleep apnea. The medical community has a strong focus on sleep apnea as it has a direct relationship to normal body and mental function.

Helps Issues with Speech

The way each of us speaks is primarily influenced by the position of our tongue and lips when our vocal cords vibrate. Tooth alignment issues can prevent your tongue and lips from being in an ideal placement for correct pronunciation. By aligning the jaw and teeth at a young age, children can unlearn incorrect speech patterns.

What Age Do You Have to Be to Get Braces?

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends children see an orthodontist around age seven. This doesn’t mean your seven-year-old will need braces – it’s mainly to make sure their teeth and jaw are growing properly.

Children still have their baby teeth at age seven, so this is more about preventative measures. This early intervention means that we can stay ahead of the game when it comes to complex

dentofacial issues.

If any preventative action needs to be taken, we can discuss potential treatment plans.

Common orthodontic treatment for young children includes:

  • Making space for adult teeth
  • Using a dental appliance to align the jaw
  • Aligning teeth early so they grow in correctly
  • Fixing severe bite pattern issues
  • Correcting bad habits, such as thumb sucking

Lasting results typically come from waiting until a child has all of their permanent teeth.

Is it Necessary to Get Braces at a Young Age?

It is not necessary to get braces at a young age, but some cases require quick action. If a child is in need of orthodontic treatment but doesn’t receive it, they can develop poor speech patterns, have breathing problems, develop unbalanced jaw relationships, and suffer damage to their adult teeth.

Braces in Parker and Castle Rock, CO

If your child is seven or older and hasn’t seen an orthodontist, request an appointment today! Your child deserves a healthy, confident smile.

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